"The idea of promoting Yakutia has already been sold. The world is waiting for the content that we will offer." Сreative project Tag Yakutia launched in Yakutsk

The joint project of "Sinet Spark" and art manager Nadezhda Zinovskaya “Tag Yakutia” will open three directions for the promotion of the creative industry of Yakutia by the end of 2021.

One of the best art businessmen in Russia, the founder of the Cube.Moscow art gallery Nadezhda Zinovskaya is engaged in the promotion and sale of paintings by contemporary artists. On April 14, she presented her first non-profit project in Yakutsk, which is dedicated to her native republic and local artists. She is sure that it is time for Yakutian artists to reach the world level.

"Tag Yakutia” will be my first non-commercial project. My love and passion is contemporary art, but this project will include all possible formats and directions. I have already sold the idea of promoting Yakutia and the very idea of contemporary art in the republic. Now the world is waiting for the content that we will offer it. I will be a guide, I will distribute the participants with their works to those professionals who will be able to help further progress," Nadezhda said.

Already in September 2021, the works of Yakutian artists will be presented at the Cosmoscow, the largest art fair in Russia, which takes place in Gostiny Dvor. The Tag Yakutia program should also be presented in Arkhangelsk, the Urals and other Russian cultural centers. The most promising authors have the opportunity to reach the international level and become participants in exhibitions in Europe and the USA.

As Nadezhda Zinovskaya notes, such cultural exchanges are important for representatives of art. In this way, an important skill for any person of art is trained, which is called watching. "It makes no sense to go to all exhibitions and biennales without forming a full view", the art businessman is sure, "without this, the focus on oneself, on the local market, is greatly narrowed. In order for career and creativity to grow, you need to understand how the rest of the planet lives."

Dunya Zakharova, an artist from Yakutia, has already made a similar journey, whose works have been exhibited in contemporary art centers not only in Russia, but also, for example, in New York. Galleries are engaged in such promotion of talents. By monetizing the artist's work, they earn money from it themselves.

"People often forget what the paintings are being exhibited for. Galleries exhibit them in order to promote and sell them, galleries live on this money. If this does not happen, then this is not a gallery, but just a museum exhibition. Exhibitions for the sake of exhibitions are not an art market, in practical terms it gives nothing to the artist himself. This is a business whose structure should work and earn, so galleries are constantly looking for new names and talents. But to become a part of the real art market, you need to pass a strict curatorial selection," says Nadezhda Zinovskaya.

The first stage of the Tag Yakutia project will be an Open Call. This is a format for collecting applications from artists for subsequent participation in exhibitions with a preliminary competitive selection of candidates. As Nadezhda Zinovskaya noted, the most important thing when sending a portfolio is not to forget to prescribe the purpose of their projects, as well as what new the artist brings to art with his creativity. As a person with a lot of experience, she can see the potential at a glance, even from those who have never held an exhibition of their works. It is more important when a person understands why he is in art.

At the presentation, the art businessman was told about the project "I see with my heart", which gave blind artists the opportunity to paint oil paintings. Its author Marika Andreeva (formerly Ammosova — editor's note) said that a number of paintings are being prepared as part of the project and an exhibition is planned at the National Art Museum. According to Nadezhda Zinovskaya, this is an example of a project with a specific purpose and charitable ideology, for which you can find many suitable grant programs.

"We need to teach people how to work with grants all over the world. Despite the fact that now is the time of open grants, people do not know how to work with them, do not know where to look for them and how to teach themselves. We are ready to teach them. To work out a career with artists. Those who have been selected will have the opportunity to participate primarily in Russian projects."

By the end of 2021, another Tag Yakutia direction will open — an educational program for art managers. Closer to winter, a separate Open Call will unite representatives of creative industries: photographers, videographers, designers, architects, as well as all those who want to develop business in these areas. In general, the project has truly ambitious plans.

*Road Map

  • 2021

Formation of a working group

Residency in the centre of Yakutsk - 150 m2

Announcement of TAG - Open Call

Opening of studios and workshops

Grant educational program

  • 2022

Grant for 3 artists for international promotion

Launch of educational programs in 3 directions: Art-marketing, Contemporary art,International art business, (Garage, Christies, Cube.Moscow)

Opening of TAG art residency

Database - library of knowledge

  • 2023

Formation of the foundation TAGfor the support of contemporary art

Grant for 3 artists for international promotion

Art Week Yakutsk

First international residency with Residence Unlimited (NY)

Participation of the project at the Art Fair Art Basel Hong-Kong, Art Basel Miami in a special program

  • 2025

Art cluster TAG

Exhibition platform

Contemporary Art Exhibition Yakutsk TAG

  • 2027

International collaboration with clusters and exhibition platforms of Hong-Kong, NY, London, Dubai, Miami, Paris, LA

  • 2031

Museum of Contemporary Art TAG Yakutsk

International Art Residency TAG

International Fair TAG

The Tag Yakutia project was initiated by Arsen Tomsky and Nadezhda Zinovskaya in early 2021. Sinet Spark will provide financial and informational support to the project's activities, including renting, equipping an art residence in Yakutsk and grants to artists.

"Intelligent manufacturing is something that can be sold on the Internet. Yakutia has a spark, a chance for this to flare up in the plan. Yakutian cinema and technology startups are already known internationally. Now it's time for the Yakutian art to declare itself. This is exactly the message that Tag Yakutia carries," said Egor Fedorov, InDriver's Chief Operating Officer.

According to Nadezhda Zinovskaya, more detailed information will be posted on the website of "Sinet Spark", which will be launched in the near future. While the project is developing through Instagram.

The same week, Nadezhda went to Krasnodar for a new meeting dedicated to the development of contemporary art in the regions. At the end of May, she plans to return to Yakutsk again to continue developing the project.

Applications for participation in the Open Call are accepted by e-mail.

More information about the project can be found in social networks:

@nadezdazino - art manager Nadezhda Zinovskaya - the official website of the Cube.Moscow art center

@cube_moscow — instagram Cube.Moscow